Remembering John: (from Margaret King Stanley)

John was a very special person and a marvelous arts manager. His charm, warmth and enthusiasm encouraged me to book nearly all of the artists he represented and I was never disappointed. He was upfront and sincere. He knew both my daughters and always asked about them. He would take us to lunch and was a wonderful host.

One December 11 in New York, my birthday, I went to a party at Sheldon Soffer’s apartment and John was there with a number of ISPA friends. To my great surprise, they had a present just for me. It was a guy, unknown to all, dressed in a loin cloth and nothing else!! He was my “gift” and I was supposed to put notes and dollar bills in his loin cloth. How embarrassing! John and my other “friends” got a huge laugh out of this. I think it “made” the party, and fortunately, I haven’t had anymore gifts like that since! I recall that John took many photos, but I never saw them! Maybe they are in his collection. We all had fun that December.

We are all sad about losing John. He was unique.

 – Margaret King Stanley


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